Intro to the Ekiden
I’m on my way to Japan, where I’ll compete at the Izumo Ekiden on October 10th. An Ekiden is a road relay race, and this one has six legs, all between 5.8 and 10.2 kilometers. Apparently the Ekiden is very popular in Japan, and the Japanese runners are very strong; we routinely get crushed and our best finish ever was ninth last year. There’s a 5k for the alternates the following day, and it is often won in 14 minutes -- that means that there is a Japanese university whose seventh man runs 14 flat.
I’m racing with a team of Ivy League graduates; I believe that we’re the only western team in this race. We’ve been invited back the past nineteen years and I consider it quite the honor; not just to race against some phenomenal athletes whom I would never race otherwise, but also to be exposed to a different culture that highly values distance running. I’ve heard that the race is televised on national TV, and that spectators line the course averaging six people deep the entire way -- fourty-five kilometers.
As a relay race, the Ekiden is all about the team versus team matchups; I figure this is what it makes so popular. I’m excited to learn more about it, and take back what I can to the States. Maybe there are some clues here that can help rebuild track & field’s popularity.
We’ll be in Japan for a week. Thursday I land in Tokyo, and the day after we travel to Izumo. In the next post, I’ll talk about my training the last couple months and my preparation for this race.
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