Been behind on work on the website (and blogging) -- working pretty hard the last few weeks to make some cash to fund this running dream. Still, made a small change to the blog so you can post comments. Scroll down to the bottom of the post (you have to have javascript enabled). Will have a mailing list form up soon so you can get notifications whenever I blog.
Nothing new to report on training; it's going well, I'm feeling strong, and trying to be careful not to build things up too fast. Hoping in a couple months I won't feel as fragile.
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Matt Crawford wrote:

Hello Ben de Haan.

11/7/16 @ 11:40pm
I'm Ben Rainero, creator of BiggerLog. Here's where I'll write more in depth about my training, my thoughts on competitive distance running, and the design process behind the log website. You can also check out my running log here.